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Trio with Andy Staples (bass) and Josh Law (drums)

Albums recorded with Solar, featuring Alex Hearn (guitar), Ben Hearn (bass), Paul Higgs (trumpet), and Josh Law (drums)

Album recorded with the Zak Barrett Quartet, featuring Zak Barrett (sax), Andy Staples (bass), and Andy Sear (drums)

The Dan Banks Quintet featuring Roberto Manzin (saxophone), Paul Higgs (trumpet), Jose Canha (double bass), and Josh Law (drums). The debut album from this project was released in Feb 2017 and is available below both digital and physical formats.


All material is composed by Dan and is reminiscent of the classic Blue Note sound, but with a modern flavour. In a recent review from Mark Gilbert (Jazz Journal) the album was described as "...timelessly modern..." and suggested that  "...if this particular band plays near you try to catch it; fans of the idiom won't be disappointed."